9.5-inch American Flag Patriotic Compostable Disposable Square Paper Plates, Made from Eco-friendly Plant Fibers 50 Count

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Sugarcane, The Gift Of A Healthier Planet

bagasse, clamshell, sugarcane, hinged container

No More Wasted Materials

Our society is fast-moving and with all these fast food and to-go meals, we use a lot of disposable tableware. Too often this tableware is made up of rather harmful materials such as plastic. These materials can take decades to decompose and that can put a real strain on our environment.

With the rise of landfills and the amount of garbage that is disposed of daily. When we can use would be waste to make compostable products, we call that a win.

The natural fibers that are used for the production of our Bagasse items are strong and very durable, and as a plus, these fibers leave little to no carbon footprint on our environment. 

  • Made for elegance
  • 100% compostable
  • Microwave ready
  • Cut Resistant
  • Totally safe, totally natural
  • Made from sugarcane by-products