AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack Jars

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  • SOLID BAMBOO FRAME: Natural bamboo frame with satin finish.
  • 60 LARGE GLASS JARS: 4oz (1/2c)-- The standard size of Penzeys, Spice House and other specialty spice shops. Spices not included. Compare to most other spice racks which use 3 or 3.5oz jars. Jar dimensions are 2" in diameter by 4.25" in height. Includes 30 Large-Hole Shakers, 30 Small-Hole Shakers, 30 AllSpice-Exclusive Spoon Scraper tops
  • 315 PRE-PRINTED LABELS: Black with easy-to-read white font. Waterproof with matte finish. Covers most common spices and many exotic spices. See images for details.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 25.25" x 16.5" x 4.75"-- Requires minimum of 16.5" clearance from countertop to cupboards.
  • FAMILY-OWNED, WISCONSIN-BASED COMPANY: AllSpice products are made to last a lifetime. Contact us anytime for quick, personalized customer service.