Bathroom Cabinets

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bathroom furniture rustic oak with antique white

Customized Storage Space: With dimensions of 23.5"L × 12"W × 32"H, this storage solution offers versatile options. It features a tabletop for storing cleaning supplies of varying heights, an open shelf, and three storage drawers for smaller items. Additionally, it includes a sliding barn door and an adjustable shelf to cater to your specific storage needs, ensuring a tidy living space, not just limited to the bathroom.

Farmhouse Rustic Style: Crafted from high-quality engineered wood, our storage cabinet embodies a classic farmhouse aesthetic with its barn door design, double cross pattern, and weathered finish, adding charm to any space. Enhance its rustic appeal by decorating with elegant metal accents.

Sturdy Support: Equipped with a sturdy support base and tipping restraint hardware, this cabinet can be securely fixed to the wall to prevent wobbling or tipping over. Prior to installation, ensure the hardware is suitable for your wall type, as different materials may require specific anchors. 

Waterproof Material: Featuring a waterproof surface and anti-rust coated metal accent hinges, this cabinet is suitable for moist environments, such as bathrooms. Its easy-to-clean design ensures long-term use, even in humid conditions.

Easy Assembly: Complete with step-by-step instructions and a hardware pack, assembly is straightforward. Each part is labeled for easy identification, and no power tools are required for assembly. Our customer service team is available to assist with any pre- or post-purchase inquiries.