Commercial Grade Countertop Burner 3500 W /220V Push Key Switch

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LKZAIY 3500W / 220v Induction Cooktop Portable Commercial Induction Cooker

3500 Watts / 220V Commercial Induction Cooker

As a commercial induction cooker, this induction cooker can continuously and stably output 3500 watts of powerful power; and built-in various safety protection functions (high temperature protection function, overvoltage protection function, etc.) to ensure that the modified product can be used safely; using high-quality IGBTs , To ensure the stable power output of the induction cooker and reduce energy consumption.


1. Please do not cut off the power after you finishing the cooking work in 1 minutes, because the cooling fan is still working.

2. Please don't use the sharp object striking the glass-ceramics.Cut off the power immediately when cracks appear in microcrystalline plates.

3. Please don't place metal object in the heat zon of this induction cooker.

4.Please use in 208V~240V voltage.


Minimum Power: 400W

Maximum Power: 3500W

Panel Size: 11.8*11.8 IN

Product Size: 18*14*4.7 IN

LKZAIY 3500W / 220v Induction Cooktop Portable Commercial Induction Cooker
  • MATERIAL OF THE STOVE BODY AND PANEL: This induction cooktop body is made of thicken stainless, the material of the panel adopt black crystal tempered glass, that make sure this electric hot plate having a strong impact resistance, will not rust, easy be cleaning, and can bearing more weight than other normal induction cooker.

  • FAST AND SAFE COOKING:This commercial induction cooktop with max 3500W(240V/15A), It is equipped with the second generation of upgraded technology, which has both a full power stage for fast heating and a low power stage for keeping warm.high rate heats faster than a normal electric burner, hot plate, oven or a cooktop stove.When the temperature is overheating or the pan is off the surface, the induction burner will stop working.

  • WATER PROOF: The Water proof control panel of the induction burner can fully protect internal electrical components, reducing the occurrence of faults; the body of the induction burner is made by one-piece stamped stainless steel, there is no weld, that’s also make sure the water will not penetrate into the inside of the induction cooker.

  • SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY: Higher energy transfer and electricity saving compared to normal cooking methods. The practical functions of this professional Commercial Countertop Burners are digital timer and precise cooking temperatures, that make sure the dish won’t be overcooked.

  • 13 POWER LEVELS: You can quickly choose suitable levels from 400W to 3500W. 3500W power to meet your various cooking needs; simmer, deep fry, boil, sauté, sear, steam, slow cook and grill with ease.

  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN:Commercial Hot Plate with thickened stainless steel construction and large cylindrical legs ensure durability and load-bearing capacity. Equipped with two fans and back air ducts for quick heat dissipation. With no open flame or heating elements, food will not burn on the glass cooktop, so it is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp towel.

  • CAUTIONS: Please connect the 220V AC power supply to use this Commercial Countertop burner. In order to avoid tripping caused by circuit overload, please do not use it with other high-power electrical appliances. It is recommended to find professional personnel to install sockets suitable for 6-20P plugs.