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Party Pack includes:
- Plant Fiber Plates (8.375”) and Plant Fiber Plate (7”) - Tableware is made from bamboo wood fiber and plant starch. Contain No PFA’s! (Cancer causing chemicals)
- Compostable Birch Forks, Spoons and Knives (Increased thickness, sharpened knife blade, sharp fork prongs, and deep spoon)
- Compostable Bamboo cups (12 oz.)
- Unbleached Paper Napkins
- Wheat Drinking Straws - Suitable for hot and cold liquids, non-soggy, gluten-free, and all-natural without any additives.

NO MORE PLASTIC PLEASE!!! Don’t get tricked with bio-plastics, they bring even more problems than common plastics because they cannot be recycled, we look to change our consumption behavior, re-use more and choose products that we know what impact they have on the environment while maintaining the same comfort and ease of use than always.

Our pack only includes compostable products made with carefully selected sustainable materials which can be composted in your own home.
Each party pack includes informative material on how to properly compost all the products at home and what is the importance of doing so. The products that we have in our store are carefully selected to meet our objective of being able to dispose of everything we use in our own garden or in the organic waste basket.

The materials used in this packs are listed below:

Bamboo is one of the most – if not the most – sustainable materials nature has to offer. It comes from the grass family and grows at a surprisingly fast rate. Some bamboo can grow between two to three feet in a 24-hour period! Since less area is required to harvest bamboo, the surrounding (and often endangered) habitat remains untouched.

The plant fiber used in our plates and
lids is raw material obtained after wheat and bamboo have been harvested.
The strong, fibrous stalks are molded into plates, bowls, cups and other products. The products created from This process are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Unlike paper products, our plates and bowls don’t require the cutting down of trees.

After harvesting the grain, the wheat stalk is normally disposed of in compost facilities or landfills. By fashioning the natural wheat stalk into a replacement for plastic straws, we reduce both wheat and plastic waste. No additives or processing is required with natural wheat stalks.

In our search for materials with the strength to cut food while remaining compostable (and affordable), we chose sustainably grown birch. Birch trees are an abundant and relatively fast-growing hardwood species that cause minimal destruction of biodiversity when cut down. Birch is a sustainable and durable choice that has less impact on the environment than alternative hardwoods, which have lengthier growing periods.

End-of-life recycled cardboard is cardboard that has been recycled so many times that the fibers are shortened and have limited ability to
be made into high-end paper products. Often, they are accidentally sent to landfills. By collecting this end-of-life cardboard, putting it into a large
blender, and adding water as well.