Portable Power Station, 299Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup, PD 60W Type-C Quick Charge, 300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Solar Generator

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Outdoor Portable Power Station, Good Idea for Van / RV Campground

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Battery: LiFePO4 battery; 299Wh; 10 year battery health; 2000 cycles.


  • 1* 60W PD (output)
  • 1* 30W PD (output);
  • 2* 110V 300W 60Hz AC pure sine wave outlet (500W peak);
  • 2* DC outputs (12V/10A) (5.5*2.1mm);
  • 2* QC 3.0 USB outputs (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A);
  • 1* cigarette lighter output (12V/10A). 


  • 1* DC input (5.5*2.1mm) (AC adapter: 45W, car charger: 12V, Solar panel charger: MPPT 10.8-23.5V)
  • 1* PD 60W input
  • 1* Car charger


Q1: Which devices can this portable power station support? 

  • A: Portable power station can support devices rating less than 300W. Like phones, laptop, camera, drone, LED lights, little fans, etc. (Please confirm the open circuit current/ voltage of your devices) 

Q2: Does the power station support pass through charging? Can I use other outlets while charging? 

  • A: Yes, this portable power station support pass through charging, you can use all other outputs while charging (Except PD 60W port). 

Q3: What is the maximum input from solar? 

  • A: Our portable power station is built in an MPPT controller, the voltage is 10.8-23.5V (3A), the maximum input power can reach 60W(depends on sunlight). We recommend 80W to 100W solar panels. 

Q4: Does your product have a power saving function?

A: Yes, our power station have a power saving function: 

  • For AC output, when the output power is less than 3W, the power station will shut down automatically after 8 hours.
  • For DC output, when the output is less than 50mAh, the power station will shut down automatically after 4 hours.
  • For USB output, when the output is less than 30mAh, the power station will shut down automatically after 3 minutes. 

Q5: When I press the buttons, it have a beeping sound, can I remove it? 

  • A: Yes, when you turn on the R300 power station, you can press the USB button 3-5 seconds, the beeping sound will be removed. You can press the USB button 3-5 seconds to restore the sound.  
300w power station