Premium Organic 500 Bamboo Cotton Swabs, Compostable Zero Waste Disposable Eco Friendly

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Why Our Cotton Swabs Are Different?

Bamboo cotton swabs in glass holder

Bamboo tree up close

Bamboo cotton swabs in kraft packaging

Premium Quality Cotton

We use only premium quality cotton which feels soft while being sturdy. Our happy customers always feel the difference no matter if they use it for makeup or simple cleaning. As cotton and bamboo are natural materials our cotton swabs are fully plastic free.

Natural Bamboo

Bamboo can grow up to 35 in/91 cm per day, which is a much more sustainable source compared to regular paper made from cut-down trees. By switching to bamboo we are not trying to plant more trees, we are saving them from being cut in the first place.

Recycled Kraft Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and can be reused, recycled again, or even composted. We always minimize the packaging to reduce any unnecessary materials. That's the reason why we have only 500 swabs in one pack instead of packing 200 swabs per package.


  • 500 natural sticks per box ( not swirl q tips ). Payless packaging, save on product! Extra pack size for smart shopping ✅
  • Double ear buds with twice more natural cotton on the stick tips! Great cotton swabs for ears, as pet qtips, travel, baby cotton swabs, everyday cleaning or even use as dab cotton swabs ( arts and crafts or drawing ) 🙂
  • High quality 100% ecofriendly alternative. Ear swabs are made from renewable bamboo wood and top quality cotton. Packed in unbleached plastic free recyclable pack 🌎
  • 3 inch cotton swabs are the best addition to reusable rounds, bamboo toothbrushes in the bathroom or straws and grocery bags 💚
  • Swap your artificial plastic swabbies or slim cotton swabs with environmentally friendly bamboo qtips in the recycled package ♻️