Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Antique Design With Dual Surface Mallet and Silk Cushion Promotes Peace, Chakra Healing, and Mindfulness

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  • Why Choose Tibetan Singing Bowl?

    • COMPLETE AUTHENTIC TIBETAN BOWL SET ~ Includes a unique high quality Gratitude Pattern ~ Antique Light Brown 4" Singing Bowl, NEW Easy-Play Leather Pencil-Grip Striker, NEW Hand Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow. 100% hand crafted by local Nepalese artisans. Designed easy to play to enjoy its calming and soothing sounds right away!
    • FEEL RELAXED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. NO QUESTIONS ASKED ~ Nick Warren says " It is a very powerful thing. Within the first minute of using it, I felt like this is a life-changing thing to have. You can't understand how amazing this is until you hold it and use it yourself!" Deborah Capres says it is " Very calming and pretty. This is a great piece of stress relief!"
    • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY, COMES WITH FREE GUIDES ~ Whether or not you've played a singing bowl before, with the Free ebooks you'll be playing in no time!
    • IDEAL SIZE FOR ON THE GO MINDFULNESS ~ Ideal 4" size ensures that your bowl will be a constant spiritual companion. Bring to yoga classes, meditation groups, or the office. Fits in your (or your child's) hand, yet sings with pure, layered tones that rival much larger bowls.
    • HAND INSPECTED AND TESTED FOR SOUND QUALITY & APPEARANCE ~ Your singing bowl designs are EXCLUSIVE- and are etched on the bowls, not painted. Each bowl is hand-inspected for sound quality before shipping by our singing bowl experts. Carefully packaged in a clean, safe environment.
    Silent Mind Singing Bowl
    Silent Mind Singing Bowl
    Silent Mind Singing bowl
    Silent Mind Singing Bowl
    Silent Mind Singing Bowl