Wooden Rocking Horse, Baby Wood Ride On Toys for 18 Months Up

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Wooden Rocking Horse Baby Wood Ride On Toys for 18 Months Up

labebe - Focus on children's wooden toys for 30 years.

Labebe is an toy-company registered in US. We have dedicated 30 years in designing and producing educative toys and baby products that speak the children's language and meet their growth needs, meantime make parents' life funnier and easier. Our lift cycle management from raw material to after-sell make sure that the products arrive to your hands with unique design, safe material, equisite handcraft and attentive service.


POSSIBILITY TO CUSTOMIZE - All the background is left white clean so kids can paint on it or put stickers as they like, make it their own special rocking horse!


NO OVERTURINING - Smooth grounded surface, no overturnings and oversteering. Manufactured with love and care.

Wood Ride On Toys

BACKRACK GURAD - A lower backrack is mounted close to horse tail in order to hold baby on postion when they rock backwards.

How Does Rocking Horse Benefit Babies?
- Benefits of Buying a Rocking Horse for Your Kids

The back and forth motion of these wooden rocking horses and other rocking toys can be a great way to give your child soothing and calming input. How do you, as parents, calm your babies from the moment they are born? That's right, by rocking them. The way parents try to calm and relax them is precisely how they will feel when they hop on these wooden rocking horses and rocking toys. A calm/relaxed child is a great goal!

Kid got years of use from a rocking horse and it certainly benefited their little sensory system! Rockers can help kid improve their mobility, inspire independent & group paly, and gain confidence from social communication with others. It is also a good method to put babies outdoor and distract from screens.

Put Your Kids Outdoor, Stay Far from Screen

Studied shown that Kids who spend time outdoors tend to be healthier and are more likely to choose outdoor activities as they grow older. Being outside gives kids positive stimulation from natural surroundings that they won't get from hours spent sitting in front of a screen.

Staying outdoor can also help children foster their sense of exploration and adventure. They learn that they can move a lot better, cover more ground with wheels. They also learn to appreciate certain things that can either make their ride bumpy or smooth.

They go for a ride using their ride on toy and they wander in a part of your backyard they have never been before, their curiosity automatically sets in. This forms the foundation for logical reasoning and critical thinking later in life

Independent Play, Independent Thinking

Kids learn to move under their own power, making it possible to get from one place to another in a way that's more complex and yet easier than walking.

They can manipulate the wheels and convert it into a stroller or operate the unique sounds of the toy or even tinker with some of the inherent components and features of the toy. This greatly helps them enjoy the freedom they require and helps cement the belief that they are indeed separate and highly distinct entities from their parents.

Rocking horse help kids set the stage for the type of independent thinking that they'll need in order to succeed in school and in the workforce.

  •  Possibility To Customize & Paint - This child rocking horse is designed with customizing possibility. The pure white background allows kids to paint whatever they like. It can cultivate children's interest in painting. We hope this design can promote kids' creativity during riding rocker. Also, it can be well used as a modern baby rocker, outdoor or indoor riding toys.

  • Natural materials & Solid Wood - Cottonwood and density board are used to form a structure that is STURDY as well as but not too heavy for small kids to rock. Wood as natural material is one of the safe test material for toy making, All the Materials are strict to the Toys Safety Standards ASTM/CE F963 in the USA and EN75 CE in Europ. Baby is happy, parents are at ease.

  • Safe and Reasonable - With the handrails, children can rock this wooden horse forward as well as backward steadily. The achievable height of the rocking horse allows children to reach the ground whenever they want, so they are not afraid of swing and they will have more fun while riding. So it is a must-have rocker for kids. Your kids will be extremely surprised and happy to have it as a birthday or Christmas gift.

  • Backrack Guard When Rocking Backwards  - A lower back rack is mounted close to horse tail in order to hold the baby on position when they rock backward. From the model picture, you can tell he stays without fearing falling down because the back rack holds his cute small butt right there! So safe and practical rocking horse, why not join the shopping cart right away?