Wool Pillow, Ideal for Sleeping and Avoiding Neck Pain, Hypoallergenic, Natural Adjustable Washable

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  • Cotton

  • COMFORT: Eliminate the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam. The generous amount of “woolly puffs” in the pillow may be removed from the inner case achieving the desired loft. Optimal comfort and relaxation is sweetly accomplished.

  • NATURAL MATERIAL: The pillow is filled with Woolly Puffs, pearl sized puffs of soft and springy 100% natural Shropshire wool encased in 100% natural cotton sateen, 300TC. Comes with a 100% natural wool filled quilted pillow case for a long term care and superior sleep comfort.

  • WASHABLE: This washable pillow that gently cradles the head with soothing support helps maintain the spine in its natural position for a more tension-releasing sleep.

  • COVER: The thoughtfully designed quilted outer-case partners with the “woolly puffs” creating the sensation of muscles relaxing, joints releasing tension.