Banning Plastic Shopping Bags! – Does it Really Help?

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Are you guilty of using a plastic bag on your grocery items? You went to your local convenience store and bought something, I bet they placed it on a small plastic bag- right? When will local legislation in your area prohibit the use of plastic shopping bags?

Many countries have done it! So far, California has done it. Even some parts of the third world countries banned the use of plastic bags. On November 8, 2016, California voters approved Proposition 67, the statewide Single-Use Carryout Bag Ban. Store owners may provide a reusable grocery bag or recycled paper bag to a customer at the point of sale at a charge of at least 10 cents. Same principle is being carried on other major cities and countries in order to help save our planet.


On land, plastic shopping bags are consumed by animals, just like in the ocean and other bodies of water. Animals eat food wrappers, waste, and plastic bags because they thought it is food, leading to digestive problems that can cause their death. Moreover, animals can get trapped with bags around their heads causing them to suffocate.

Based on the “World Counts” website as of today September 25, 2019 and the numbers are really ticking so fast, there are 7,328,937 Tons of plastic waste dumped in oceans!!! This number continue to increase exponentially and it is very alarming. Imagine all bodies of water being polluted with plastic garbage. Soon, we will no longer have life existence on marine animals because we are polluting their haven.

Sadly, there are still many areas where the use of plastic shopping bags is not prohibited. Why? The reality is, that people of Earth are severely addicted to the use of plastic in its myriad forms due to the convenience that it provides. Cheap and easy thing to use for shop owners, and convenient for shoppers to carry.

Where does all the plastic from shopping bags go when they die? The answer is landfill. They all go to the landfill where they sit for hundreds and thousands of years. As our planet becomes increasingly more populated, we need to now more than ever be aware of how the way we live impacts the world around us.

Using Reusable Shopping Bags does carry some responsibility, but when the law strictly mandate its people to use them appropriately and never use a single plastic bag ever, soon we will be able to help clean our environment.

The most common problem is with us -the people, the inhabitants of the Earth. We are too IRRESPONSIBLE! We go to the shopping mall to buy some stuff, we have Eco-friendly and reusable bags at home, but due to forgetfulness, stubbornness, and notion that you can buy something else at the store, we end up buying another set of Eco-bag that will just sit on your home, until you remember to use them – or might not!


It does take some time and a little effort, but very soon, if it forms as a habit, and it is hard to imagine life without keeping a reusable shopping bag on you, soon you will get used to keeping a reusable bag wherever you go. It’s all on our behavior and how we manage to handle things. Be responsible and use Eco-friendly shopping bags like these Eco-bags from Eco Trade Company.


Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, Reusable, 100% Biodegradable, Eco friendly, Waterproof, Men, Women, Kids, Boy, Girl

These 16-ounce heavy-duty reusable lunch bags include a strap and are stain & water resistant. The material is easy to clean. High Quality workmanship with double stitching and seam work means this bag is built to last.
Large sizes for lunches and bento boxes (8.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 14 inches high. Biodegradable free of any synthetic, toxic or plastic-based materials, free of any animal based materials



Reusable Produce Bags - Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly - Machine Washable 12-pack


Reusable bags create a zero-waste lifestyle which is closer to zero pollution. Reusable mesh product bags also reduce using plastic bags by its convenience.
The reusable produce bags are made of organic cotton which has no plastic, no lead, no mercury and no harmful chemicals but is biodegradable. They are safe to use and non-toxic on vegetables and fruits. This set of bags contain 5 solid bags without holes(1L,2M,2S), 5 mesh bags (1L,2M,2S) and 2 net bags. Suitable for vegetables, fruits, beans, oatmeal and other products. These bags are firm and durable, with convenient straps and beads for additional closure. It can be machine washed and washed after flat to dry.




Ecoture Eco Friendly Reusable Produce Bags in Mesh and Muslin for Fruit and Vegetable

Plastic Free is the Way to be - Can you believe that humans use nearly ONE TRILLION plastic bags each year? By switching your plastic bags out for our premium reusable produce bags and grocery tote, you are setting the example for others, as well as saving our Earth one plastic bag at a time. These unique Eco-friendly bags are produced from environmentally sustainable and natural materials that keep food fresh and safe from toxic chemicals. They are the perfect addition on your trip to the farmers market or organic supermarket. They include the tare weight in two measurements (g and lbs.) to easily deduct the weight of your Eco bag from your purchase. Saving money and saving the environment!




ArmStrong Reusable Produce Bags - Eco-Friendly Carrying Sack

THE ONLY 100% PLASTIC-FREE REUSABLE PRODUCE BAG SET; Unlike other sets that feature plastic parts, stickers, and tags, these reusable grocery bags are the only ones with absolutely ZERO PLASTICS - Not even in our packaging; Our set is the most Eco-friendly, zero-waste available on the market and it's definitely the perfect gift even for the most environmentally conscious people

If you're like us, grocery shopping includes various veggies and fruits; putting everything in 1 or 2 bags may cause damage and will definitely result in confusion when weighting is required. 

You will also receive 1 extra-large cotton shopping bag (with large pockets) to store other foods and purchases and 1 cotton sheet, used to conveniently transport and protect leafy greens and other vegetables

Many reusable veggie bags offer no weight information so every time you weight fruits and vegetables you're actually paying more - way more if you consider that some veggies are even 10x more expensive than others; Each of our bags comes with weight info listed with big letters on the side so you can subtract that from the total weight and pay only for the raw produce you're buying.



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