Tips on How to Live Sustainably Healthy

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Sustainable living also known as earth harmony living is an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of men to the environment. Sustainable living encompasses a wide array of means in order to help preserve and care for our environment when it comes to energy usage in transportation, food consumption, proper use of raw materials, and even on diet.

Sustainable living simply means reducing the use of Earth’s natural resources in order to conserve, preserve, and protect the only environment that we live in.


Food has a huge impact on sustainable living. It does not only focus on the food that we eat every meal of the day but it also encompasses the means on how the food is produced, packed, and distributed.

Food sustainability has a lot of challenges. These challenges include finding sustainable food that is locally produced, reducing plastic, eating sustainably on a budget, selecting a store that offers farm-fresh produce products, and keeping food waste to a minimum level and so on.


Here Are Some Tips on How to Live Sustainably Healthy:


Eat and Buy Locally

Buying food that is locally grown has a lot of advantages. Fresh produce that came directly from local farmers eliminates the use of more plastic materials and other manufacturing and processing measures. Buying from a local food bazaar selling their fresh fruits and vegetables helps the local community thrive. Be sure to bring your eco-bags when buying locally grown products because it is the best option to shop in order to contribute and show welfare to our environment.


Household Energy Conservation

  • Turn off appliances that are not in use
  • Use energy-efficient lamps and appliances
  • Use a programmable air conditioning system that automatically turns off when it gets too cold or turns on when the temperature requires it to be turned on


  • If the weather is cool enough and breezy, you might just want to open the window and let the fresh air come in.
  • Hang clothes to dry especially if you are in an open area that allows you to hang dry your clothes during a sunny day
  • Make use of solar lamps as your night light, you will save energy and on your electrical bill!
  • Invest on a solar panel, it is much cheaper in the long run



Single-use plastic, cups, forks, spoon, plates that are disposed of after usage are very harmful to our environment. If you need to use disposable items, make sure that you opt for those that were made from organic materials like bamboo, jute, sugarcane and other organic matters that will not harm our planet. Anything that are made from plastic will emit toxic matters in the long run so better avoid using them and patronize only those organic materials.


Reusable Items

Eco Trade Company is offering a wide array of reusable items on their catalog. Reusable shopping bags, reusable straws, eco-bags, cups, food wraps, carrying sack, reusable notebooks, filters, facial sponge, lunchbox and so much more.

The use of reusable products provides an excellent, environmentally-preferred alternative to other waste management methods. It reduces air, water, and land pollution and helps limit the need for new natural resources, such as timber, petroleum, fibers, and other materials.



Recycling doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing the recycling process literally. Helping authorities by simply segregating waste products like plastic bottles and other recyclable materials be sent to recycling plants is a huge help for our environment. When we help in the recycling process by sending plastic bottles, cans, and other related materials to recycling plants, we help eliminate plastic matters in dumpsites, mountains, and worst in bodies of water that cause pollution.


Conserve water

There are so many ways in order to save water even at our homes.

Do not let your shower on the whole time while taking a bath. Switch off while applying soap or scrubbing etc.

conserve water

  • Use a glass of water when brushing. Do not let your faucet on while brushing. Using a glass limits the use of water and also it will save you on your bills.
  • Use water-saving shower heads
  • Collect rain water for your garden

    Let us start using more eco-friendly and sustainable things that help lessen carbon footprint, less gas emission, less coal burning, less fuel consumption, and all other means that are sustainably helpful for our environment. There is only one Earth, only one planet. Let us all help one another in preserving our environment.

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