24 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids, Airtight Glass Lunch Bento Boxes, BPA Free & Leak Proof,12 lids, 12 Containers

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  • Glass containers are made from high quality borosilicate glass, which can be used for storage, cooking and microwaving.

    24 Pieces Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids(12 lids & 12 Containers)

    Including 3 different types and 9 volumes: 

    12 PCS Lids 

    2 PCS of 370 ml Rectangle Glass Container, 6.0"x4.4"x3.1", 13oz(1.6cup)

    1 PC of 630 ml Rectangle Glass Container, 6.9"x5.2"x2.5", 22oz(2.7cup)

    1 PC of 1040 ml Rectangle Glass Container, 8.2"x6.1"x2.8", 35oz(4.5cup)

    2 PCS of 310 ml Square Glass Container, 4.8"x4.8"x2.8", 11oz(1.4cup)

    1 PC of 530 ml Square Glass Container, 5.4"x5.4"x2.5", 18oz(2.3cup)

    1 PC of 800 ml Square Glass Container, 6.3"x6.3"x2.7", 28oz(3.4cup)

    2 PCS of 390 ml Round Glass Container, 5.4"x2.5", 14oz(1.7cup)

    1 PC of 640 ml Round Glass Container,6.2"x2.8", 22oz(2.7cup)

    1 PC of 970 ml Round Glass Container,7.1"x3.0", 33oz(4.1cup)

    Working temperature:

    Our containers withstand from -4℉ –752℉ (-20℃ – 400℃).


    The main body of the container-Transparent borosilicate Glass

    The lid of the container BPA-Free plastic Snap Locking Lids&White silicone sealing strip.


    1. In order to prevent the rubber seal from sticking to the glass containers, please must wash the lids and glass containers before put them away.

    2. In order to make it convenient to wash the lids, we design the rubber could take off from the lid easily, so if the rubber seal falls off, please install the rubber seal back to the original position.

    3.Handle with care, do not stack containers without separating by plastic layer or something else to avoid friction and breakage.