Agave Fiber Cutlery Set

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Made with upcycled agave

Each year, millions of tons of agave waste from the liquor industry are discarded into rural landfills. Choosing our products diverts this waste and reduces demand for farmed and natural resources like canola, sugarcane, trees, and forests. They are naturally gluten-free and break down in soil.

Smart plastic alternative

Our agave-based items offer superior strength and don't get soggy. Our Agave products can be used for foods and beverages with a range of temperatures.

Our straws will degrade and break down in 18-24 months and our cups & cutlery, in 24-36 months.

Traditional single-use plastics have a devastating environmental impact. Our objective is to minimize traditional plastic consumption and actively support a low-carbon circular economy. Agave products offer performance like traditional plastic, with no compromise on product integrity .


Color: Brown
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 6.06 Pounds
Is Dishwasher Safe: No

MADE WITH UPCYCLED AGAVE. Agave fibers are strong, durable & when used to replace single-use, disposable goods, can reduce the demand for farmed & natural resources including our trees & forests.

DURABLE & BIODEGRADABLE. Strong products made from plants, giving purpose to processed agave. Biodegradable, eco-friendly household products avoiding landfills and putting Mother Earth first.

PLANET-FRIENDLY PLASTIC ALERNATIVE. Unlike conventional plastic and other single-use materials, our plant-based, bio-degradable Sustainable Agave products naturally reduce waste rather than creating it.

SINGLE-USE CUTLERY FOR HEAVY WEIGHT USE. Strong flatware that doesn't create the environmental & ecological issues that conventional plastic has. Smart products for people that put our planet first!

RECOMMENDED FOR USE UP TO 106°F. Sustainable Agave Products are strong & durable & at a price competitive to conventional plastics that are harmful, disposable, single-use materials. Why not choose Sustainable Agave?

A COMPANY ON A MISSION. Our goal is to upcycle over 5 million lbs of agave waste, equivalent to 500 swimming pools, into a wide range of everyday biodegradable products.