Eco-Friendly Cat Scratching Pad - Sustainable Interactive Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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The most eco-friendly scratchers on the planet, but it's also the last one you'll ever have to buy!
On top of being an environmentally-friendly money saver, it also provides the unique opportunity for cat owners to play one of the most popular lawn games indoors with their kitty.
Cats only claw a fraction of the surface on scratching pads and, before you know it, they have lost interest and it's time to purchase an entirely new scratcher; however, with Kitty Kornhole, you can easily replace the worn sections as needed!
Kitty Kornhole is constructed with a special mix of green materials, such as 92% recycled, FSC® certified fiberboard and recycled cardboard sourced from our pet industry partners.
To ensure the utmost quality, Kitty Kornhole, like all of our products, is handmade in small batches in the USA.

Removable Top
The top can be unbolted an unlimited number of times to easily access the cardboard inserts when it comes time to replace them.
Recycled Refills
You have options when your cat wears out a section of Kitty Kornhole, and none of them involve the garbage like they do with other scratchers! We offer pre-cut refill packs or you can make your own.

Fun for All
1. Simply as an effective scratching surface for your cat
2. As an interactive experience for both you and your kitty
3. Or as an opportunity to play cornhole indoors at 1:2 scale (sans cats)
Durable Materials
Not only do we use the most eco-friendly materials possible, but we ensure they are beyond industry standards in regard to their longevity. Considering you can perpetually swap out the cardboard, you need the rest of the scratcher to last forever, too!

Length: 24"
Width: 12"
Height: 7.5"
Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz.