Eco Laundry Washer System

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Does Not Pollute Environment

O3 PURE Wash Unit

Eco Washer Safe

Better For The Environment 

  • Eliminates the need for detergents
  • Saves energy by only using cold water
  • No harmful chemicals are produced
  • Septic friendly
  • Leaves no residue or odor leaving your clothes scent and odor free

Better For You 

  • Wash without separating colors
  • Reduces or eliminates using bleach
  • Extends fabric life
  • Reduces or eliminates your fabric softeners
  • Rids your washer and clothes of those musty smells

Better for Your Family 

  • No chemical exposure to your family and pets
  • Simple use lets anyone use the washer
  • Works great with sensitive skin allergies
  • Removes residual chemical and cleaning agents in clothes

Don't settle for older technology. The Eco Laundry System is the newest generation Ozone Washing Unit and one of the Most Powerful Residential Ozone Washing Generator Available.

Detergent, Chemical and Odor free for those with sensitive skin. Enables you to thoroughly wash and clean your clothes without soap and cold water only. Removes odors from mold and mildew.

It's more effective than older ionic technology and works. The Eco units are both CE and RoHS Certified.

10 minute installation by homeowner without any special tools. Requires no maintenance or additives. Only activates when the washer is in use, plugs into a standard outlet and uses less than 45 watts of electricity. The unit also only runs when the washer is filling or rinsing.

The customer is supplied with a template, mounting hardware, phillips screwdriver, and an additional hose connector.