Leaf Razor, Eco-Friendly Razor for Women & Men, Multi-Blade, Pivoting Head Razor with Stainless Steel Blades

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Comfort & Closeness: Customize your shave with the Razor’s multi-blade capacity. Load all three blades for an ultra-close shave or, for sensitive skin or areas, load only the top two blades.

Adaptive Design: Achieve a contour hugging shave with the Leaf Razor’s pivoting head. Extra pressure is not needed, the weight of the Leaf Razor does the work for you

Easy Blade Loading: Confidently unload and reload razor blades with the Leaf Razor’s

Magnetic Load Assist. Open the blade holder by turning the back screw counterclockwise and use the notches on each blade level to guide placement.

Cost-Effective Refills with Steel Blade Refills: No costly cartridges required with the Leaf Razor. Once ready to refill, load the Razor up with any safety razor blade - snap a double-edge blade in half or load-in a single-edge blade instead

Plastic-Free & Eco-Friendly: The Razor offers the comfort of modern day shaving without any of the plastic waste. Recycle used blades in Leaf’s Blade Recycling Tin

Best Fit: The Razor is recommended for body shavers and head shavers. Looking for an ideal razor for face shaving? Check-out the Twig Razor and Thorn Razor by Leaf Shave