Organic Soapberry Shampoo

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Nature Sustained products are 100% free of chemical additives and use beneficial microorganisms combined with naturally occurring elements from plants and fruits. Our Shampoo is specifically formulated to nourish dry, damaged hair and provide relief to sensitive skin.

Using a process of fermentation, Nature Sustained Hair Care products contain specially selected elements which combine to form a synergistic "brew" that enlivens the scalp, supporting the body’s natural production of oils, resulting in a balanced and healthy environment on the head and hair.

We venture into the jungle in Thailand to hand source the wild soap berries, fruits & pure spring water for our botanically enhanced formulation. Soapberry is one of nature’s miracles- with consistent use, soapberries help clean the pores of the scalp; removing years of residual build up left by chemical based hair products. Fermenting the soapberries allows us to extract their hair cleansing saponin: without the fermentation process, you won't get the same hair benefits from soapberries!


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