Outdoor Kitchen Drawers Stainless Steel 3-Drawer BBQ Drawer 18" W x 23" H x 23"

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Product size: 18" W x 23"H x 23" D. Cut hole size: 16"Wx21"Hx 23". Our stainless steel outdoor kitchen drawers have three storage spaces: large, medium and small, so you can store items of different sizes conveniently.

Our outdoor kitchen drawers are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are durable and require only proper maintenance to maintain a smooth and beautiful appearance.

Fully-lengthened rails, the upper and lower rails adopt thick silent ball guide rails, which makes it easier to push and pull outdoor kitchen drawers; the silent sliding type prevents people from hearing irritating noises. Use the smooth slide rail to feel the intuitive smoothness, ensuring that this barbecue drawer can be pulled in and out easily and smoothly. 

Box frame design-Outdoor kitchen stainless steel drawers adopt a box frame design, with a fully enclosed box body, which effectively prevents internal rain, wind, dust and insects.