Programmable Coffee Machine

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Color: White
Special Feature: Water Filter
Coffee Maker Type: Drip Coffee Machine
Filter Type: Reusable
Material Stainless Steel:
: Material Stainless Steel
: Human Interface Input Buttons

Product 1: Large 12 Cup Capacity: Brew up to 1.8 L (1.9 Quarts) of coffee into the dishwasher-safe glass carafe, or select 1-4 Cup mode to brew a smaller amount

Product 1: Pause and Pour Function: An automatic interrupter stops the coffee flow for up to 20 seconds if the carafe is removed so you can grab a quick cup without waiting for the brewing cycle to finish

Product 1: Programmable Convenience: Set the timer the night before, using the simple digital controls and clear LCD display, and wake up to the delicious aroma of fresh brewed coffee

Product 1: Aroma Control Brewing: When making a full pot of coffee, the 1-4 cup button doubles as a "bold" setting, slowing the water flow and steeping the grounds to bloom the flavors before releasing the coffee for a stronger, richer taste

Product 2: Removes impurities for better tasting coffee: Traps odors and chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine residues while preserving the dissolved mineral salts and calcium that are needed to extract coffee soluble for the best possible flavor

Product 2: Easy to install and use: Simply rinse the new cartridge, place it in the filter holder and snap shut, and return the holder to its spot in the water reservoir; For best results replace every 30 days or 30 brewing cycles

Product 2: Universal design compatible with most brands: Replacement cartridges feature the premium quality you expect from Koolatron products and fit drip coffee makers

Product 2: Ultra fine grain charcoal for max effectiveness: Combination of extra fine organic charcoal granules and micromesh material maximizes water filtration and ensures the charcoal medium and trapped impurities stay inside the filter where they belong