Reusable Beeswax Wraps for Food, Organic Wax Wraps for Food Reusable

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♥ TRUST WHAT YOU USE TO WRAP YOUR FOOD: Our beeswax wrapper designs originate from the EU, crafted with care using quality ingredients. Natissy beeswax paper food wraps consist of a blend of cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine tree resin. These reusable wraps tightly seal around your food, safeguarding it from insects and maintaining freshness for longer periods. The breathable nature of our wax wraps prevents excessive browning while allowing air circulation.

♕ NATISSY BEESWAX WRAPS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: These practical sizes cater to various needs, whether making wax bags, fabric bowl covers, or wrapping foods of different shapes and sizes. Each pack includes 6 assorted eco wraps featuring 3 unique patterns. Sizes ranging from XS for covering glasses to L for sandwich wraps offer versatility for every use, from children's lunch boxes to picnics and camping trips.

☀ NO PEELING OR FLAKING: Our bee wrapping paper sets itself apart by being fully immersed in beeswax rather than merely sprayed on. Don't let the mild fragrance and tacky texture deter you. The natural aroma won't affect the taste of your food or leave any residue behind. Stylish patterns packaged in tubes add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen, earning compliments beyond just the culinary delights!

SO MANY COMPLEMENTARY EXTRAS: Our wax wraps come with additional aids that perfectly complement their use. Opting for plastic-free food wraps eliminates unnecessary waste, as everything is reusable. Repairing wraps is a breeze with the provided baking paper and beeswax refresher block, accompanied by detailed instructions. Simply warm the wrap with your hands, mold it around food or bowls, and secure it with the provided string. Cleaning is effortless—just rinse under cold water, air dry, and reuse!

✋ A STEP TOWARDS A ZERO-WASTE KITCHEN FUTURE: Plastic products have a fleeting lifespan but persist in the environment for millennia. Natissy wax paper wraps offer a sustainable alternative, lasting a year or more with proper care. By reducing reliance on plastic bags, cling wraps, and containers, they free up kitchen space while keeping your fridge organized and odor-free.