Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Fast Sealing & Working Continuously - Equipped with Globefish technology for high-speed continuous working, Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealer machine vacuum seals 30 bags continuously in just 15 minutes, saving time for you to process large quantities of food. With intuitive control buttons and clear instructions, vacuum sealing is quick and easy to master, even for beginners. Select any function button; the LED indicator will prompt you to start or end.

4 Modes - Meet Your Needs - Dry - one-touch automatic vacuuming and sealing, perfect for non-liquid foods such as meat, nuts, and vegetables; Vac - control the vacuuming process yourself, suitable for soft foods such as bread, to avoid food deformation or moist food; Seal - only sealing, for potato chip bags or aluminum foil bags; Accessory - designed for vacuuming jars and boxes, effectively reducing food oxidation.

Compact Design for Easy Storage - Food vacuum sealer boasts a compact design, measuring just 15.7*3.9*6.5 inches and weighing only 2.6 pounds, making it perfect for easy storage in drawers and cabinets. Despite its small size, powerful sealer machine delivers reliable sealing performance. Whether using it for sous vide cooking or preventing freezer burn, this efficient air sealer machine is a must-have for any food enthusiast.

Preserve Freshness & Reduce Waste - food sealer machine will keep your food fresh for up to 25 days. By removing air from the storage bags, our machine creates an airtight seal that locks in flavors, nutrients, and moisture. Not only helps your meals taste better for longer but also reduces waste by extending the shelf life of your ingredients. It is better to use Bonsenkitchen's professional vacuum bag!

Friendly Starter Kits - You will get a food vacuum sealer machine * 1, manual * 1, foam seal*1, vacuum bags * 5, Air suction hose * 1, detailed tutorials, and humanized operations for operators. Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealer for food is the ideal gift for home cooks/food enthusiasts/mothers! Embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and enjoy the convenience of always having fresh food on hand with our vacuum sealing machine!