Ready for Spring? We've Got the Best Eco-Friendly Deals For You!

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As Spring blossoms around us, it's time to embrace the season of renewal and sustainability. We're here to help you kickstart your eco-friendly journey with a range of products designed to refresh your home and lifestyle.

Here are some of the best Spring products to brighten up your season: 

Mineral Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

An advanced mineral lotion that is as clean and pure as it gets, but tough enough to withstand the high intensity of sports. This lotion is a lightweight, non-whitening, non-greasy way to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays. You can wear with confidence knowing that you are applying the latest in sunscreen technology. Its natural coconut vanilla scent will help you keep your cool even in the most extreme conditions. The next time you go outside, treat yourself with a sunscreen that provides you with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, 80 minutes of water-resistance. 

  • Provides you with SPF 50 coverage and UV protection
  • Non-whitening sunscreen that prevents white cast
  • Non-greasy formula that provides you with a smooth finish
  • 80 minutes of water-resistant protection, ideal for sports and water enthusiasts


Multi-Purpose Cleaner Refills: Transform your old spray bottles into fresh lavender-scented cleaning solutions with our convenient tablets. Safe, effective, and versatile for all your cleaning needs.

Multi Purpose Cleaner Refills


Sun Bum Sunscreen Face Lotion: Protect your skin with dermatologist-approved, fragrance-free sunscreen. Packed with Vitamin-E, water-resistant, and reef-friendly for guilt-free sun protection.

Sunscreen face lotion


Zero Waste Cleaning Set 

This is a natural zero waste solid dish soap dishwashing cleaning set. This makes the perfect eco friendly gift for anyone who enjoys natural kitchen cleaning. A great plastic free alternative to those plastic brushes, sponges, and soap dishes. Biodegradable cleaning tools will decompose beautifully back into soil, better for us and the environment. 


Bamboo Kitchen Sponges: Experience the cleaning power of bamboo fiber while reducing waste. Absorbent, durable, and easy to handle for all your kitchen cleaning tasks.


Biodegradable Planting Pots: Start your garden sustainably with pulp-based pots that decompose easily, minimizing harm to the environment. Waterproof, reusable, and gentle on plants.

Planting Pots


Large Peat Pots, Organic Biodegradable Eco Friendly

These amazing pots are here, however, to provide a simple solution to that millennia-old problem. Just grow your seedlings, and then plant them in your yard or garden without removing them from the pots.


38800mAh Solar Power Bank: Stay charged on the go with a solar-powered bank featuring wireless charging and multiple USB ports. Shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof for outdoor adventures.


30L Eco-Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack: Keep your belongings dry with a high-quality backpack designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Comfortable, spacious, and built to withstand the elements.


50-Gallon BPA Free Flat Back Home Rain Catcher

    Outdoor rain collection water catchers crafted with large openings and a conveniently flat back, which not only enables effortless installation but also enhances their functionality and efficiency. Rain barrel kit includes a durable debris screen, a garden hose, a shut-off thumb valve for water control, a hanging hose clip, a hose to prevent water overflow, and a kit for connecting multiple RC4000 barrels


    At Eco Trade Company, we're dedicated to offering premium, sustainable products that benefit both the planet and our community. Make the switch to sustainability this Spring and join us in making a positive impact on the world.

    Explore more eco-friendly Spring essentials with us today!


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