100% Bamboo Eco-Friendly Dish Cloths 12 Pack

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Make the switch to a more bacteria-resistant and eco-friendly set of dish cloths

These 100% bamboo dish cloths will help you make a positive impact on the planet while achieving an excellent cleaning experience of plates, pots, and counters. More absorbent than cotton and more reliable than paper towels, these eco-friendly kitchen towels will be the best one you’ll own so far. 

What makes this product one of your best finds?

SOFT & DURABLE: These kitchen dish cleaning rags crafted from Bamboo are the absolute softest towels that you would find plus they are non abrasive. Made of 200 gsm fabric they are super durable and reusable with a little shrinking in size.

SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRY: Made with bamboo to enhance absorption, our dish cloths can absorb more than 7 times their sizes without requiring any chemical to clean. Natural bamboo properties make them dry fast.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Our bamboo cloths are suitable for a variety of household uses including drying, wiping and cleaning pots, dishes, plates, kitchen appliances, glasses, and even forfeitures. They are also perfect for to be used as hand washcloths, electronic cleaning cloths, bathroom sinks, mirrors without leaving pesky lint behind and dust with scratching furniture.

  • Never run out of high quality kitchen towels. Each set comes with 12 different natural bamboo towels that you can use for different purposes like cleaning countertops, drying plates, and wiping spills on the table.
  • Experience comfort with every wipe. Make cleaning a blissful experience for you. These bamboo towels are ultra soft on the hands, you won’t even bother using them with rubber gloves.
  • Impressive absorption and drying. As these kitchen towels are made from bamboo, they absorb any type of liquid 40% more than cotton and will dry faster than any other kitchen towel in the market.
  • Use them for as long as you want. These remarkable 200GSM bamboo dish cloths can be washed and used for months without losing its impressive capability to absorb a wide range of liquids.
  • Use less cleaning products. Save even more money when you find out that these eco-friendly dish towels help you save more money by using less cleaning products.

Pack of 12 100-percent high quality imported Bamboo Kitchen Dish Towels. Dimensions; 12 inch x 12 inch. Material–200 GSM Natural Bamboo rayon, soft, durable. Machine washable for easy care.

Go green with these cost effective reusable natural 200 GSM bamboo cleaning cloths.  Perfect replacement for paper, microfiber and cotton cleaning cloths.


They can be reused many times without losing absorbency.


Make your kitchen one of the most hygienic places inside your home while feeling extra good that you are making a positive impact on the environment. These bamboo kitchen towels will impress you with qualities that make them worthy of every 5 star reviews from our customers.

Make the switch today and order a set of these eco-friendly towels.