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  • SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: The handle is made of natural, renewable, sustainable, bio-degradable and eco-friendly Moso Bamboo material. Moso Bamboo helps reduces CO2 emissions and has low carbon footprint. It is the largest temperate bamboo on earth, known for its durability, integrity and has natural odor resistance properties.
  • ENGINEERED FOR DOGS, CATS & ALL TYPES OF FUR: Hachi 2-in-1 Combo Bristle & Pin Brush helps remove unwanted hair, eliminate loose and dead fur, shedding, mats, knots, tangles, hidden dirt, debris and more. It also help improves air circulation to the skin and distributes oils for a healthier and shinier coat. As you remove the unwanted furs and animal dander, it helps to minimize indoor allergy and pet hair build ups in your home, car, carpet, furniture, flooring and more.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Hachi Paws-n-Claws bamboo pet brush series are crafted with the finest quality materials and accessories. Our products are carefully checked and tested to ensure the best possible quality. It is constructed from premium quality Moso Bamboo stock that are 6-7 years old known for its durability, integrity, light weight, strength, long life, antibacteria and order resistant properties.