Gentle Whitening Toothpaste Tablets with Baking Soda, Peppermint, Zero Waste Refillable Box

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  • Eco Bags are made from plant material and are 100% compostable. They are not plastic. The box is Kraft paper. 180 tablets, packaged 60 tablets per Eco bag.
  • Non-GMO Xylitol toothpaste tablets. SLS free and Fluoride free.
  • BAKING SODA is effective at removing surface stains and it has extremely low abrasion. Baking soda has an RDA rating of 7 on a scale of 0 (low) to 250 (high). It also immediately creates alkalinity which helps remove stains, whiten teeth and strengthen enamel. An alkaline mouth hardens your enamel making it less susceptible to stains. CHEWTAB Gentle Whitening is enamel safe. 
  • Store in a cool dry space. After opening place Chewtabs in a clean, airtight container to avoid moisture.No unnecessary ingredients or fillers. No harsh abrasives. Enamel safe. The only toothpaste tablets that do not contain Silica (Silicon Dioxide).
  • Natural ingredients. Made in America. Gentle on the planet. Gentle on teeth and gums.