Eco-friendly Jute Grocery Bags

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  • An open car trunk with 3 full Stardust Bags.

    Stardust is proud to produce a bag that helps end plastic pollution. Single-use bags threaten our environment and reusable plastic bags aren’t much better. Stardust bags offer the durability of reusable bags without the plastic! Our 13" L x 9" W x 14" H bags are made with jute and cotton woven into a textile that is 100% compostable. Stardust bags can degrade into the ground or your compost in just 3–9 months. If you want a strong and sturdy bag that leaves no trace, Stardust bags are for you!

  • LIVE A PLASTIC-FREE LIFE: If you want to go green and live a zero waste lifestyle, Stardust products are a must-have. Our 100% compostable bags are perfect for carrying produce and other groceries. Keep them nearby and stash a set in your car. One Stardust grocery bag can prevent over 1,000 plastic bags from polluting the ocean. That's why using a Stardust bag can literally help change the world.

  • SAVE THE EARTH WITH JUTE: Our accessories are made with jute canvas, an ancient textile that’s been used for centuries. We refine and weave it into a beautiful, strong fabric. Jute grows without fertilizers or pesticides and only relies on natural rainfall. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen much faster than trees. This makes Jute one of the most sustainable crops in nature.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Stardust bags are an excellent foldable storage and organization solution. Their sturdy handles will support even the heaviest food items in your shopping cart. They’re lightweight enough that they’re easy to carry around and sturdy enough to last through big shopping trips. You can even use them for non-food items if you’re looking for a nice tote.

  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: These bags are the most environmentally-friendly reusable bag option on the market. We blend sustainably grown jute with a small amount of cotton, which results in a durable, yet 100% compostable, material. When you’re ready to replace the bags, simply bury them or add them to your compost pile. Composting Stardust bags is easy and good for the earth.

  • IDEAL GIFT: These bags may be functional and good for the earth, but they also look amazing. Whether you’re using them to shop or you carry them with you wherever you go, our large collapsible bags make a great men’s and women’s fashion statement. They’re an amazing Christmas or birthday gift! Give a bag to your mom, dad, aunt, cousin, and more! They’re sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.