Zero Waste Bamboo Hairbrush

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  • MEDIUM, THICK, CURLY, & LONG HAIR - If you have coarse, stiff, thick, curly, or long hair, this is the brush of your dreams. The wide-spaced wood bristles will gently brush through your hair, teasing out tangles without causing breakage.
  • NO STATIC - Made from 100% bamboo wood, this quality square paddle brush is both lightweight and durable. The wood bristles help prevent static build up, so your hair remains smooth after a thorough brushing.
  • NATURAL & HEALTHIER HAIR - By redistributing the natural oil your scalp produces, the wood bristles restore shine and texture, help prevent breakage, and reduce how often you need to wash your hair, so you can limit your use of hair-stressing chemicals in hair products.
  • BLISSFUL HEAD MASSAGE - If wood bristles were known for one thing, it’d be providing blissfully good head massages. Fortunately, they’re also known for reducing static and redistributing natural oils to condition your hair. Still, it’s hard to beat a good head massage.
  • GREAT FOR STYLING - This time tested design yields fuller, healthier looking hair. Using minute traces of natural oils, this quality brush conditions your hair, restores hair shine, and makes hair styling a breeze, especially in conjunction with your blow dryer.